One place, many possibilities

In the ICRC we give you space, comfort and we guarantee comprehensive service at the highest level. We provide a full range of possibilities - from letting workshops, conference rooms or selecting appropriate logistical tools to preparing extraordinary leisure activites. It is all based on our extensive experiance and team commitment.

Modern workshop halls and showrooms

In the centre there are 2 work halls with an area of 452 sq. m. and 430 sq. m., fully equipped with numerous sets of specialized equipment and materials needed during training sessions or presentations (including grinders, polishers, foils, paper for wrapping). There are also 3 professional painting booths and modern colour laboratories available.


icrc-icn--06.png3 spacious painting booths

icrc-icn--07.pnga central dust extraction system

icrc-icn--08.pnga glazed roof admitting natural light

icrc-icn--10.png16 independent work stations

icrc-icn--09.pnglarge entrance gates

icrc-icn--19.pnga modern pneumatic installation

A friendly training space

The centre contains 3 modern lecture rooms adaptable for both small and large training groups. The largest room can hold up to 42 people, and the others – which can be connected – up to 16 and 12 people.

We provide presenters with comfortable conditions to work in (audiovisual equipment, flipcharts, WiFi), and participants with a full package of training materials (notebooks, pens, necessary materials, diplomas, certificates, souvenirs).
In addition we have a small conference room, a quiet and cosy place ideal for holding negotiations or business talks among a smaller group of people.

icrc-icn--18.pngpublic WiFi access

icrc-icn--17.pngsets of training materials

icrc-icn--03.pnglarge screens for presentations

icrc-icn--16.pngunlimited coffee service

icrc-icn--15.pngprofessional audiovisual equipment

icrc-icn--14.pngcentral air conditioning

Comfortable social facilities

We strive to make every ICRC centre guest feel comfortable, calm and safe. That's why we provide convenient facilities such as a cloakroom with lockable cupboards and a bathroom with showers.

We have also prepared 2 canteens in which groups of up to 50 people can choose the type of catering they prefer, and get hot and cold drinks. We also provide VIP lunches with professional table service.

Our guests don’t have to worry about safe parking. There are adequate parking spaces available in front of the ICRC centre, which is fenced in and monitored.

icrc-icn--04.png2 canteens for guests to use

icrc-icn--05.pnga cloakroom with showers

icrc-icn--13.pnghot meals on site

icrc-icn--12.pngmonitored parking spaces

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In the ICRC we give space, comfort and we guarantee comprehensive service at the highest level.

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